Lyons' Heart
Our little frog dogs are outgoing, happy, and sassy.  They
are great with children and make loving, loyal companions.  
They all love to be the center of attention!  They make
exceptional family pets.  We take great pride in their
quality.  Some of their bloodlines include but not limited to:

CH Fourstars Magnolia Angelface
CH Cox's Goodtime O'Narly Pecoda CD
CH Chesmn Caught N A Briarpatch
CH C and D's Nikita Dior
Our Frenchie babies are square
and cobby and their coats are
nice and smooth.  We have
cream, white and honey pied,
as well as brindle and white
colors.  We breed for excellent
conformation, temperament,
and color.
Our Frenchies start at $2000.00.  French Bulldogs are one
of the most loving and playful breeds.  French puppies will
sneak up on their toys and pounce on them just like a kitty
cat.  They will bounce all over the house with their toys like
a rabbit.  They are more than a joy to have.  And they are the
best entertainment you could ever want.  

Please check out our available Frenchie babies on the
Puppies Available Page.
Lyons' Heart Photo
Lyons' Heart Photo