Lyons' Heart
Our little wrinkled bullies are very sweet and loving.  They
are great with children and make loving loyal companions.  
They make exceptional family pets.  We take great pride in
their quality.  
Our Bully babies are medium-sized, smooth coated, broad,
and sturdy as well as very wrinkled.  All our adults are low
and short legged as well as heavy and muscular.  Our adult
males are around 50 lbs., our adult females are around 40
lbs.  We have red brindle, brindles, solid white, solid red,
and piebald puppies for sale.  We breed for excellent
conformation, temperament, and color.
Our English start at $4500.00.  English Bulldogs are
kind and courageous, never vicious nor aggressive, and
his demeanor and expression should be dignified and

Please check out our available Bully babies on the
Puppies Available Page. Or E-mail for other current
puppy's that may not be posted yet.
Lyons' Heart Photo
Lyons' Heart Photo
Lyons' Heart Photo